Dermatology and Podiatry Excellence

Welcome to Medimetriks Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Medimetriks is a leading independent specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to the Dermatology and Podiatry markets.

We are committed to advancing patient care through the development, licensing and commercialization of innovative prescription skincare brands that fill unmet needs in the markets we serve.  Our current portfolio of brands, which are promoted by our national sales force, treat conditions including acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, fungal infections, dystrophic nails and impetigo.

We are experts in commercialization, including creating brands, maximizing life cycles and generating value for biotech, generic and other development companies that may benefit from the depth and breadth of our relationships in Dermatology and Podiatry.
Bradley Glassman  is the Chairman and CEO of Medimetriks.  Previously, Mr. Glassman was Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Bradley Pharmaceuticals.
R. Brent Lenczycki, CPA, is Medimetriks’ Chief Financial Officer.  Prior to joining Medimetriks, Mr. Lenczycki served as Vice President, Chief Financial Officer of Bradley Pharmaceuticals.  During his time at Bradley, Mr. Lenczycki also held the positions of Manager of Finance and Purchasing and Vice President, Finance.

Alan Goldstein is the Executive Vice President, Business Development for Medimetriks. Mr. Goldstein served as Vice President, Corporate Development at Bradley Pharmaceuticals.
David Addis is the Chief Operating Officer of Medimetriks.  At Bradley, Mr. Addis served as Vice President of Creative Services and was responsible for the Company’s advertising, marketing and corporate communications.
Donna Heren is the Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance for Medimetriks.  Ms. Heren served as Director of Regulatory Affairs at Bradley Pharmaceuticals.
Heath Glassman is the Vice President, Technology & Market Access for Medimetriks.  Prior to joining Medimetriks, Mr. Glassman served as Director of Marketing and Special Projects at Bradley Pharmaceuticals.